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Our mission: Assisting US Healthcare Organizations in relieving chronic staffing shortages by matching the experience and goals of our foreign trained Medical Professionals with the needs of your facility.


NCLEX to be given outside the United States
Illinois (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) NCSBN announced that three countries overseas will be administering the NCLEX in 2005.

TN and H1B Visa candidates are now required to have a Visa Screen Certificate
Illinois (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) NCSBN released statement relating to new Visa Screen requirements.

USCIS increases fees
Washington (United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services).USCIS announced that it’s raising fees effective April 30, 2004.

Nursing shortage to exceed 1 million
Washington (Bureau of Labor Statistics) BLS announced that more than one million new and replacement nurses will be needed by 2008.

International Healthcare Recruiters

Assisting US Healthcare Organizations in relieving chronic staffing shortages by matching the experience and goals of our foreign trained Medical Professionals with the needs of your facility.


Find great nursing jobs across the US.

Here at International Healthcare Recruiters Inc. we work diligently to relieve staffing shortages of healthcare facilities by providing qualified individuals such as you with quality nursing jobs in the US. The high demand for nurses ensures that there is always a nursing job waiting for you at one of the many prestigious facilities across the United States; our services will match you up with a suitable nursing job, whether it is for permanent placement or a travel assignments staff or management position.

The personalized attention you will receive from our recruiters allows for a quality of service unsurpassed in our industry. As a nurse, you are in very high demand, so why should you stress yourself with the sometimes arduous process of finding a good nursing job in the US?

Finding nursing jobs in New York and the rest of the US has never been easier. Our New York clients include some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities in the state and have nursing jobs ready to be filled by people like you. Allow us to help you expand your clinical experience, get to know a new city and add some valuable credentials to your resume.

If this is not your first time working with a recruiter, then you’ll quickly see how our services set us apart from other recruitment firms in our industry. Our personalized attention and legal expertise make us the obvious choice for finding the perfect nursing job in the US and elsewhere.

One of the great advantages to being a nurse in the climate of international staffing shortages in hospitals is the ability to expand your clinical experience globally. Travel nurse jobs are the obvious choice for many RNs who would like to enhance both their professional and personal experiences. Here at International Healthcare Recruiters Inc. we provide the best service in our industry for matching nurses with travel nurse jobs across the US and around the world.

Travel Nurse Jobs with International Healthcare Recruiters

Our comprehensive and personalized services allow nurses to find their perfect travel nurse job with expedience and ease. Our recruitment specialists will help you with every step of the way, and make it easier than ever to obtain the proper certifications for a travel nurse job in the US. We know that every nurse is different in his or her qualifications, experience and needs; that’s why the emphasis we place on individual attention has set us apart from others in our industry.

Our employees are some of the most experienced healthcare recruitment specialists who know what it takes to match the right nurse with the right travel nurse job. We will take care of the entire process of finding a travel nurse job, dealing with immigration and visa issues as well as assisting with housing and accommodation. From A to Z, we’ll take care of it all.

Choose from travel nurse jobs in a number of cities across the US such as New York or perhaps you will want to experience working overseas. Find yourself providing care and clinical assistance in some of the most highly acclaimed healthcare facilities. Our hospital clients are eager to sponsor qualified RNs for travel nurse jobs, so you should expect some great benefits from your new position, such as dental and health plans. If you are considering a travel nurse job, choose where you want to work and then leave the rest to us.


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