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Our mission: Assisting US Healthcare Organizations in relieving chronic staffing shortages by matching the experience and goals of our foreign trained Medical Professionals with the needs of your facility.

Apply Online

Begin by completing the Online Application Form:

Click here to open the application form (opens in a new window).


As well as completing our Online Application Form, you must also send us the following documentation.

We encourage you to email any of the documents listed below available to you as computer files to:

Though we prefer that you email us the completed documentation listed below, we understand that not everyone is able to, and we will accept faxed copies to the following number:


The list below can be downloaded and printed for future reference by clicking here.

  • Copy of Passport(s) for yourself and each dependent
  • Copy of Birth Certificate(s) for yourself and each dependent
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of I-94 and Visa (if in the US)
  • Resume with job description, duties, title, dates of employment, education, name and address of school, dates attended, degree/certificate received, permanent mailing address, primary and secondary phone numbers, e-mail address and next of kin's phone number
  • Two letters of Reference from employers (must be on official letterhead) with job duties, title and dates of employment
  • Copy of Nursing Diploma(s) and Foreign nursing license (must be unencumbered and current)
  • Copy of CGFNS Certificate (Registred Nurses only) (Passing TOEFL result now required to receive CGFNS Certificate) and/or:
  • U.S. Nursing License from the State of Intended Employment, obtained by passing the NCLEX exam. With a few exceptions, most U.S. State Boards of Nursing require both the CGFNS and NCLEX.
  • Copy of TOEFL/TWE/TSE or IELTS
  • FPGEE eligibility and/or Certificate (Pharmacists only)
  • 4 passport photos for yourself and each dependent
  • Transcripts
  • CGFNS Authorization Form (click for a printable form)
  • Self Assessment Skills Form(s) (choose the ones that apply), print and fax to us: